This course is designed for engineering and diploma students who are interested in the field of Robotics. This course is an entry-level robotics program where you can learn, make and assemble a robotic vehicle. We provide our Robotic Platform to the students for building various robots. Hobbyists are also welcome to this course. The main platform we use here is Arduino. We teach Arduino and related programming first. Then we teach various sensors and actuators interfacing with Arduino. Lastly, we teach the assembling of robots and its mechanical structures.



40 Hours Instructor led classroom training


100% Practical

Learning with hands-on practices



Gain Knowledge through interesting assignments


In-Depth Learning

In-depth knowledge by experienced instructor


Hardware Kit

Free Robot Development Kit



Widely recognized Certificate upon completion


Course Details:

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Robotics Applications
  • Industrial Scenario
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers
  • How Microcontroller helps in Robotics
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Programming using Arduino Compiler
  • Arduino Libraries
  • Building your first application
  • Interfacing LED & LCD using Arduino
  • Programming UART and ADC
  • Controlling Motors Using Motor Drivers
  • DC Motors, Stepper Motors & Servo Motors
  • Concepts of Sensors and Transducers
  • Interfacing Sensors
  • Ultrasonic, LDR, IR and Accelerometer
  • Actuator fundamentals and Interfacing Relays
  • Steps to build your first robot
  • Assembling the Body
  • Go for a test run
  • Test your first Robot


Students, Professionals, Hobbyists are eligible to apply. There is no age group for this course.

Yes. If you have a sound knowledge of Basic Electronics and C Programming then you are welcome. In this course, we cover very little of C Programming and Basic Electronics, so if you have a prior knowledge of these topics then understanding of the course topics will be easier for you.

You can apply anytime. We offer this course on a regular basis. For engineering students they can apply in their summer/winter vacations, this training is very effective as a summer training program. Weekend classes are available for professionals.

In this course our focus is on Arduino Platform. As per the tool is a concern, you will learn to use Arduino IDE and its Library functions.

Yes. There are at least 3 projects we offer with this course.