About Us

Embedded Studio an Embedded Systems Design and Training Company Workforce Since 2009 engaged in providing embedded hardware, software and training solutions to corporates, educational institutions and individuals. Embedded Studio undertakes Corporate Training as per the requirement of the Companies to impart industry standard training modules in emerging technologies like Embedded Systems.

Our training programs are dedicated to empower the organizations with necessary skills so as to keep their employees updated with the latest advancement in technologies and a changing workplace. Embedded Studio develop customized training programs specific to Embedded Technology and Systems Programming to create the right knowledge infrastructure in your organization to sustain a competitive advantage.


  • Our mentoring program would be to create a virtual mentorship platform that connects students with mentors in a variety of fields and industries. This platform could allow students to search for and connect with mentors who have expertise in a specific subject or career path, and could provide resources and tools to help students and mentors communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Another innovative idea for a mentoring program would be to create a peer mentorship program in which older students mentor younger students within their own school or community. This program could provide a more relatable and supportive mentorship experience for students, as the mentors would have a similar background and be able to understand the challenges and experiences of their mentees.
  • Additionally, an innovative idea for a mentoring program could be to create a mentorship program that focuses on helping students develop leadership and professional skills. This program could involve pairing students with professionals in leadership roles and providing training and resources to help students develop skills such as communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.
  • The goal of a mentoring school project is to help students overcome any challenges or barriers they may be facing in their academic and personal lives, and to provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. This may involve helping them develop study skills, encouraging them to set and achieve goals, and offering support and guidance as they navigate the challenges of school and life.
  • Our mentoring school project is a program in which students are paired with an older, more experienced mentor who provides guidance, support, and encouragement to help them succeed in their studies and personal development. The mentor may be a teacher, community leader, or professional in a related field, and may meet with the mentee on a regular basis to offer guidance and support.